Funeral Planning Resources

Here you will find important and informative information to help you make an informed decision about your own funeral plans or the guidance you require to help you with a funeral arrangement now.

Pre-Planning A Funeral

Planning a funeral can be hard, so we have made pre-planning a funeral as easy as possible. Below you can download a PDF that you can fill in on your PC and email to us. You may sit and take your time to think things over, and bring them to us in office when you are ready to discuss your funeral plan.
Please call ahead to book an appointment, so we can ensure the time will be spent on you to arrange the perfect goodbye.

Crafting A Eulogy

Crafting a eulogy can be difficult. It is okay to find yourself a little stuck, or confused about what to say.
Below is a guide to help you get the best words out and feeling more confident in your eulogy.

A Guide to Grief

Losing someone we love and care about is hard. It is okay to grieve. We often grieve in our own way, and this can make it difficult for others, and even ourselves to understand.

The Power of Music

Music is powerful. Download our guide to selecting the prefect music for your loved ones service. Included is a list of chosen songs that we find perfect for funeral services

Common Questions

The History of Funerals