Funeral Pre Planning

Funeral Pre Planning

Planning Ahead with John Hossack Funerals

We recommend pre-planning your funeral service and evaluating your options before deciding to pre-fund your funeral.

Pre-arranged funeral contracts are called “Pre-need” contracts to distinguish them from “At-Need” contracts. Funeral contracts that are written between the family and funeral home at the time of a death are At-Need Contracts. We feel that the At-Need Contract drawn up after a death has occurred, is when a family is least prepared to make all of the many decisions involved; therefore, the concept of making these important decisions early and in an informed manner makes sense. This area of planning is called Pre-Planning.

Important Note

A pre-planned funeral arrangement does NOT have to be prepaid.

We routinely help families with funeral pre-arrangements and we keep these arrangements on file as a service for our families. These pre-arrangements are paid at the time of death and there are many options available to you. This method is a convenient way for our client families to record the necessary information before the death occurs and be better prepared for the event of the death.

However, we also recommend that you take out a funeral bond or if you prefer funeral insurance to pay for a funeral that maybe several years or even many years in the future. The terms of the agreement are tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. Single payment options as well a monthly payment option are available; visit the SurePlan website for detailed information and an option that best suits your needs.


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