Dec 1

Crafting A Memorial Ornament this Christmas: A Token of Eternal Memories

Admin John Hossack

The festive season is synonymous with love, joy, and family. However, when we’ve experienced the loss of a cherished one, the holiday period can be bittersweet, bringing to the forefront the void their absence has left. One heartwarming way to bridge this emotional chasm is by crafting a memorial ornament. This tangible tribute not only serves as a celebration of their life but also intertwines their memory with the festive spirit.

The Heartfelt Process of Crafting a Memorial Ornament:

Choosing the Perfect Base: Your ornament’s foundation sets the tone for the entire piece. There are myriad options available, from transparent glass baubles that can house small mementoes, to rustic wooden discs which can be engraved or painted upon. The choice is deeply personal. Reflect on what your loved one would have cherished, or what material resonates with your memories of them.

Infuse Personal Elements: One of the most touching aspects of a memorial ornament is the personal touch. Consider adding a cherished photograph, encapsulating a moment in time. Alternatively, you could inscribe a quote or a short poem that embodies their spirit or encapsulates shared memories. These additions ensure the ornament tells a story, making it unique and profoundly personal.

Incorporating Symbolic Mementoes: Items that held significance to your loved one or represented shared experiences can be incorporated into the ornament. This could range from dried flowers from a special occasion, snippets of handwritten notes, a fragment of their favourite song’s lyrics, or even a piece of fabric from a garment they often wore. These small tokens breathe life into the ornament, making it a tangible connection to the past.

Sealing and Final Touches: Once you’ve added all your elements, it’s vital to seal your ornament to ensure its longevity. Depending on the base material you’ve chosen, this could mean sealing the bauble’s opening or adding a protective layer over a wooden ornament. The final step is to adorn your piece. Consider tying it with a ribbon in their favourite colour, or adding delicate external decorations that align with the festive theme.

Each year, as you unpack your Christmas decorations and place this unique ornament on your tree or mantel, it serves as a poignant reminder of the love you shared. It ensures that the memories of your loved one continue to shine brightly, interwoven with the festive spirit and family celebrations.

A Symbolic Gesture with Profound Impact:

Crafting a memorial ornament is more than a creative exercise; it’s a journey of reflection, remembrance, and homage. By taking the time to curate each element, you’re not only creating a beautiful decoration but also a vessel of memories. In the heart of Christmas celebrations, amidst the glittering lights and joyful carols, this special ornament stands as a testament to enduring love and the indelible marks our loved ones leave on our hearts.